• Instrumentation and Process Control

Instrumentation and Process Control

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Publication Year 2007
Language English
Edition First
Pages 240
Preface The control systems have been rapidly developing in every controllers. This book is written in a simple and easy to follow language to understand the basic principle, fundamental concepts of control theory for the students of Chemical Engineering. The course content has been planned in such a way that the general requirements of engineering students are fulfilled. This textbook is written with the basic idea in mind to develop the classical techniques for mathematical analysis in detail and giving the reader some basis for modern work in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. The material is presented to the point and the motivation at every point is clear, providing up to date information covering the scope of Chemical Engineering education in Instrumentation and Process Control of undergraduate course.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Instrumental Fundamentals *Pressure Measurements *Temperature Measurements • Flow Measurements • Level Measurements * Laplace Transform *First Order System *First Order System in Series *Second Order System *Controllers and Final Control Elements • Block Diagram and Closed Loop Transient Response • Stability