• Elements of Fuels, Furnaces & Refractories

Elements of Fuels, Furnaces & Refractories

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Publication Year 1989
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-088-1
ASIN 81-7409-088-6
Language English
Edition 6th
Pages 1072
Preface This book deals with every aspect of fuels, furnaces and refractories in detail, in a single volume. The main aim behind presentation of this book has been to assimilate the scattered information on the interrelated topics in one volume for the benefit of students and practising engineers. This book begins with the basics which are the tools for efficient fuel utilisation along with the advanced treatment and latest practices in the field to give more broader coverage of the subject matter. The text matter has been presented with lots of self-explanatory illustrations, flow charts and solved examples for the better understanding of different topics. The text contains eighty chapters, which are classified into following sections.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Section - A : General Topics *Introduction and classifications of fuels *Fundamentals, definitions, units and their conversions Section - B : Solid Fuels *Wood, wood charcoal and peat *Origin, composition, characteristics and significance of constituents of coal *Petrography of coal *Washing of coal *The storage coal -Oxidation and spontaneous combustion *Pulverised Fuel/Coal *Uses of Coal *Comparative Study of Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Fuels *Selection of Coal for Different Uses *Mineral Matters in Coal-Ash and Clinker Formation *Properties and Testing of coal *Classification of coal *Carbonisation of Coal-Coke Making and By Products Recovery *Characteristics and Distribution of Indian Coals *Briquetting of Solid Fuels/Coal. Section - C :Liquid Fuels/Petroleum Refinery Engineering *Origin, composition, classification and constituents of petroleum-Indian crudes *Processing of crude oil-Distillation *Cracking-Thermal and catalytic *Reforming-Thermal and catalytic *Polymerisation, alkylation and isomerisation *Purification of petroleum products *Properties of petroleum products *Coal tar fuels (C.T.F.) *Anti-knock Value and Requisites of Good Quality Gasoline, Diesel,Fuel Oil & Other Petroleum Products *Liquid fuel from coal by its Hydrogenation and liquefaction *Other Liquid Fuels-Benzol, Shale Oil, Alcohol and Colloidal Fuels *Storage and handling of liquid fuels/fuel oils. Section - D :Gaseous Fuels *Methane, wood gas, gobar gas, sewage gas and gas from underground gasification of coal *Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and refinery gases *Producer gas and water gas *Blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and L.D. converter gas/steel plant fuels *Coal gas from coal gasification processes *Oil gas from oil gasification processes. Section - E :Combustion Furnaces *General principles of combustion *Types of combustion processes *Combustion of solid fuels-Grate firing and pulverised fuel Firing system *Burners for liquid and gaseous fuels combustion *Combustion calculations *Gas analysis and calorific value determination *Fluidised bed combustion *Combustion system and its control Section - F :Refractories *Furnaces--Introduction *Waste heat recovery in furnaces *Heat transfer in furnaces *Control of furnace atmosphere *Classification of furnaces *Furnaces used in steel plants *Furnace heat balance calculations Section - G :Topics Related to Fuel Technology *Refractories--Introduction *Description of important refractories *Refractories used in various furnaces/industries *Testing of refractories *Phase equilibrium in refractory materials *Insulating refractories *Special refractories *Refractory cements/mortars, castables and ramming masses Section - H : Topics Related to Fuel Technology *Fuel economy/energy conservation in steel plant *Gas cleaning and purification *Corrosion and its prevention *Materials of construction *Rocket fuels. Section - I :Nuclear Fuels & Their Utilization *Nuclear fuels--Introduction *Nuclear fuels resources in India *Nuclear reactors --An Introduction *Basic components of a nuclear reactor *Classification of nuclear reactors *Types of nuclear reactors *Fast breeder reactors *Research and Training reactors *Electric Power Generation by Nuclear Reactors * Materials Used in Nuclear Power Reactors *Reactor coolants *Reactor control elements *Reprocessing of spent fuels *Radioactive Waste Disposal *Nuclear fuel cycle *Radioactive Radiation Hazards *Enrichment of uranium *Heavy water production *Cost analysis *Numerical Research Activity at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Trombay (Bombay) *Overall Indian nuclear scene *Fusion/Thermonuclear Reactors *Site Selection for Nuclear Power Reactors *Radio isotopes and their applications. Section-J: Appendices *Appendix A Technical data on fuels,furnaces and refractories *Appendix B Glossary of Terms Related to Refractories *Appendix C Glossary of Terms Related to Nuclear Fuels and their Utilisation *Appendix D Glossary of Terms Related to Petroleum Refinery Engineering *Bibliography/References/Further Reading *Index

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