• Mechanical and Industrial Measurements (Process Instrumentation and Control)

Mechanical and Industrial Measurements (Process Instrumentation and Control)

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Publication Year 1995
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-191-8
ASIN 81-7409-191-2
Language English
Edition 11th
Pages 1232
Preface This book provides a comprehensive knowledge and insight into various aspects of Measurements, Instrumentation and Control, the Fundamentals, Analytical Approach, Techniques and Modern trends. It caters to need of students of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Electronics, Instrumentation & Control Engineering besides this, it will be a useful reference book for engineers engaged in design and practical fields of various power plants, process industries, manufacturing industries and laboratories.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Basic Principles of Measurement * Errors in Measurements * Static Characteristics of Measuring Instruments * Dynamic Characteristics of Measuring Instruments * Sensing Elements * Transducers * Signal Conditioning or Intermediate Modifying Elements * Measuring and Transmission Methods * Operational Amplifiers, Instrument Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners * Indicating and Recording Means * Design of Control Rooms * Measurement of Mass, Volume and Area * Measurement of Weight, Force and Torque * Stress-Strain Measurement and Strain Gauges * Speed Measurement * Measurement of Vibrations * Measurement of Acceleration * Condition Monitoring, Reliability and Testing Methods * Temperature Measurement * Pressure and Differential Pressure Measurement * Flow Measurement * Level Measurement * Measurement of Density * Viscosity Measurement * Measurement of Moisture Content and Humidity * Conductivity Meters * Dissolved Oxygen Meters * Measurement of Hydrogen Ion Concentration, pH * Analysis * Environmental Pollution Instruments * Electrical Measuring Instruments * Pneumatic Instruments * Flame Scanners and Fire Detectors * Data Loggers * Process Automation Control Systems * Design and Construction of Control Valves * Motor Controls, Power Supplies, Cables and Cabling * Distributed Digital Control Systems * Biomedical Instrumentation *Solved Question & Answers *Appendix *Index