• Switchgear Protection and Power Systems (Theory, Practice & Solved Problems)

Switchgear Protection and Power Systems (Theory, Practice & Solved Problems)

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Publication Year 1977
ISBN-13 978-93-87394-72-8
ASIN 93-87394-72-7
Language English
Edition 14th
Pages 1435
Preface PREFACE TO THE FOURTEENTH EDITION: The widespread acceptance of the earlier Editions promoted this revised and enlarged edition. The book presents in-depth knowledge about the principles and practices of modern power system engineering. It gives an integrated approach to the complex phenomena related with Switchgear, Protection, Fault-Calculations, Power System Analysis - Operation-Control-Automation, Digital Relays, Micro-processor based Relays and Microprocessor based Integrated Control and Protection Systems, Energy Systems. The book will serve as a regular text book for electrical engineering courses to prepare the students for the careers in power sector. The book will also serve as a reference book to electrical engineers working in power sector, electrical manufacturing industry, academic and testing institutions, etc.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction * High-Voltage A.C. Circuit-Breakers * Fundamentals Of Fault Clearing, Switching Phenomena And Circuit-Breaker Ratings * The Arc-Extinction * Air-Break Circuit-Breaker * Air Blast Circuit-Breaker * Sulphar Hexafluoride (Sf6) Circuit-Breaker And Sf6 Insulated Metalclad Switchgear(Gis) * Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker And Bulk Oil Circuit-Breaker * Vacuum Interrupter And Vacuum Circuit-Breaker * Testing Of High Voltage A.C. Circuit-Breaker * Short Circuit Testing Of Circuit-Breakers * Requirement And High Voltage Testing Of Circuit-Breaker * Installation And Maintenance * HRC Fuses And Their Applications * Metal-Enclosed Switchgear, Control Gear And Contactor * Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear With Sf6 CB And VCB * Low Voltage Control Gear And Switchgear * HVDC Circuit-Breaker And Metallic Return Transfer Breaker (MRTB) *Electrical Substations, Equipment And Bus-Bar Layouts * Transient Overvoltage Surges, Surge Arresters and Insulation Co-ordination * Neutral Grounding (Neutral Earthing) * Substation Earthing System And Equipment Earthing * Introduction To Fault Calculations * Symmetrical Faults And Current Limiting Reactors * Symmetrical Components * Unsymmetrical Faults On An Unloaded Generator * Faults On Power Systems * Use Of A.C. Network Analyser And Digital Computer In Fault Calculations * Introduction To Protective Relaying * Electromagnetic Relays * Overcurrent Protection And Earth Fault Protection * Differential Protection * Distance Protection * Protection Of Transmission Lines * Protection Of Induction Motors * Protection Of Transformers * Protection Of Generators * Station Bus-Zone Protection * Current Transformers And Their Applications *Voltage Transformers and Their Applications * Testing And Maintenance Of Protective Relays * Introduction To Static And Microprocessors-Based Integrated Programmable Protection, Monitoring And Control Systems * Introduction to Analogue and Digital Static Relays * Comparators And Level Detectors * Static Overcurrent Relays * Static Differential Protection Of Power Transformers * Static Distance Relays and Distance Protection of EHV Lines * Important Assorted Topics And Static Protection Schemes * Digital Relays, Microprocessors Based Relays, Fault Recorders and Fault Locators * Modern Protection System System - A Summary * Microprocessor Based Substation Protection Control and Monitoring * Power System Stability, Auto-Reclosing Schemes, Methods of Analysis and Improvement Of Transient Stability * Load-Frequency Control, Load Shedding And Static Frequency Relay * Voltage Control and Compensation of Reactive Power * Voltage Stability Of Electrical Network * Automatic Voltage Regulators, Voltage Control and Stability of Synchronous Generators * Digital Computer Aided Protection and Automation * Economic Operation of Power System and Automatic Economic Load Dispatch * HVDC Transmission Systems * EHV-AC Transmission Systems And Static Var Sources * Interconnected Power Systems * Operation and Control of Interconnected Power Systems, AGC And SCADA * Power System Planning * Improving Dynamic Stability by Flexible AC Transmission System (FACT) and HVDC Systems * Computer Aided Power System Studies * Power System Reliability Studies * Power System Security and Optimum Load Flow * Renewable And Conventional Energy And Power Plants * Power Flow Calculations Part-I * Power Flow Calculations Part-II * Applications Of Switchgear * Electrical Safety * Appendix A - Recent Trends and Advances towards 21st Century * Appendix B - Distribution Management System * Index