• Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipments

Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipments

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Publication Year 1991
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-185-7
ASIN 81-7409-185-8
Language English
Edition 6th
Pages 1371
Preface This book presents the most useful practical information regarding Installation, Commis­sioning, Testing, Operation and Maintenance for every Electrical Engineering Student, and Electrical Engineer. The book is likely to be useful for preparing for Viva-Voce, Interviews, Departmental Examinations, Training and Career Development courses for Power Engineers. This book has been recommended as a text-book and reference book for the Stu­dents of Electrical Engineering Courses in many Polytechnics and Engineering Col­leges for the course, "Commissioning and Maintenance of Electrical Equipments". Practical Activities are as important as design and development activities and more Engineers are employed in practical jobs of various types. They need an up-to-date and comprehensive book of this kind. This revised and enlarged edition includes additional useful Question-Answers on Safety Management, Renewable Energy Plants, HVDC, Towers, Distribution Systems. Traction, Illu­mination, Power Electronics, Digital Computer Micro-processor Based Controls, Power Plant Automation, Electro-chemistry & Electro-metallurgy, Field Quality and ISO 9000, Information technology applied to electrical systems & plants, Maintenance of electrical equipment Reli­ability, Availability and Outages. The suggestions and comments from the readers are eagerly awaited.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Overview of Site Management and Site Activities * SI units, Electrical Variables and Conversion Factors, Dimensional Equations * Sub-transient, Transient and Conversion Factors, Dimensional Equations * Sinusoidal AC Supply, 3 Phase AC Systems, Neutral Earthing (Grounding), Equipment Earrhing, Station Earthing System * Electromagnetic Energy Phenomena and Materials for Electrical Equipments * System Voltage Levels, Voltage Variation, and Voltage Control * Safety Management * Power Quality, Testing of Plant and Equipment * Energy and Power Plants, Renewable and Conventional * A.C. Transmission, HVDC Transmission & National Grid of India * Distribution System (Urban, Rural, Industrial, Residential) * Substations, Equipment and Busbar Systems * Power Cables * Auxiliary Supply Systems & Storage Battery Systems & UPS in Electrical Plants * Primary Cells, Storage Batteries, Charging & Maintenance * Fuel Cells, Fuels and Fuel Cell Power Plants * Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer and Special Transformers * Current Transformers * Voltage Transformers * Switchgear, Circuit-Breakers, Contactors, Metal Clad Switchgear, GIS * Rotary Machines * Degree of Protection, Cooling Systems, Enclosure and Ratings of Industrial Rotating Electrical Machines * Installation and Commissioning of Induction Motors and Rotating Electrical Machines * Storage, Civil Works, Installation and Checks * Site Testing and Checking * Care, Serving and Maintenance of Motors * Maintenance Management of Rotating Machines and EPMP * Synchronous Generator and Synchronous Motor * Commissioning of Synchronous Generators * Testing of Synchronous Machines * 3-Phase Induction Motors * Testing of Induction Motors * Single Phase AC Motors * AC Commutator Motors and Special Motors * Power Electronics * Electrical Transportation and Traction Motors * Pumps, Fans, Blowers and Compressors * Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration * Domestic Installation and Home Appliances * Arc Welding * Electrical Systems in Ships and Aircrafts * Illumination Engineering * Electrochemistry and Electrometallurgy * ISO 9000, BVQI and Field Quality * Information Technology(IT), Applications in Electrical Systems and Plants * Reliability, Availability