• Energy Technology  (Non Conventional, Renewable and Conventional)

Energy Technology (Non Conventional, Renewable and Conventional)

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Publication Year 1994
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-040-9
ASIN 81-7409-040-1
Language English
Edition 3rd
Pages 1144
Preface Para1 This comprehensive and topical text-book covers curricula of Non-conventional, Renewable and Conventional Energy Sources and Technologies for the final year students doing their BE/ME Courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Energy Engineering. Every energy conversion route from primary source to final utilisation has been well illustrated in detail. The book covers conventionals (Coal, Natural Gas, Hydro, Nuclear fission) and the Non Conventionals and Renewables (Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Geothermal, Biomass, Urban and Rural Waste, Ocean Thermal, Ocean Wave, Mini-hydro, Ocean tide, Nuclear fusion etc.). The book gives energy studies by co-relating thermodynamics, electrical energy, biomass energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, exergy and anergy, environmental aspects. Modern Energy Conversion Plants from 21st Century have also been illustrated. Energy Strategy, Energy Management and Energy Conservation Opportunities have been elaborated. The book presents the Integrated Energy Study in SI units. The book is recommended from HRD Courses in Energy Sector, Power Sector, and also for Economic Planners, and Energy Managers. "
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction to Energy Science and Energy Technology * Fundamental Equations, SI Units, Conversion Factors and Energy Calculations * Solar Energy Fundamentals and Applications * Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Systems and Solar Thermal Power Plants * Solar Photovoltaic Systems * Geothermal Energy * Geothermal Electric Power Plants * Wind Energy – Fundamentals and Applications * Wind Turbine-Generator Units * Wind Energy Farms and Energy Conversion Systems * Biomass Energy and Conversion Processes * Urban Waste-to-Energy by Incineration Process Energy from Incineration of wood * Urban Waste-to-Energy From Landfill Biogas Projects and from Pyrolysis Plants * Biogas Plants for Urban and Rural Waste to Energy * Ocean Energy Technologies * Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) * Ocean Wave Energy Conversion * Tidal Energy Conversion * Energy Conversion Technologies and Electrical Power Plants * Energy Storage Systems * Nuclear Fusion * Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Energy Conversion * Fuel Cells and Fuel Cell Power Plants * Fuels * Coal, Conversion Processes and Products * Petroleum, Natural Gas and Refinery Products * Hydrogen and Methanols * Nuclear Energy and Power Plants * Applied Thermodynamics * Thermodynamic Cycle and Steam Thermal Power Plants * Gas Turbine Power Plants, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants * Environmental Aspects of Energy and Pollution Control * Hydro Energy * Energy Management and Energy Planning * Energy and Power Management in India and 9th Five Year Plan * Energy Audit * Energy Conservation (Saving) ECOs and ECMs and Recycling * Appendices

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