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  • E_Book Hydraulic Machines

E_Book Hydraulic Machines

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Book Detail
Publication Year 1998
ISBN-13 978-93-87394-70-4
ASIN 93-87394-70-0
Language English
Edition 7th
Pages 464

This book is written for the students preparing for a University degree in engineering and for those preparing for the Section B examinations of Institution of Engineers. We have presented the subject matter in a very much simplified manner so that the reader can understand is even without any guidance. The book deals from first principles with theory of hydraulic machines and its applications. A large number of solved examples, simple sketches, charts and tables are included, so that students can understand the matter more easily and thoroughly. The book is written in M.K.S. System.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Reciprocating Pumps * Impact of Jet * Water Wheels * Hydro-electric Plants * Impulse Turbines * Reaction Turbines I - Francis Turbine * Reaction Turbines II - Axial Flow Turbines * Draft Tube * Governing of Turbines * Turbine performance and Selection * Centrifugal Pumps * Miscellaneous Types of Pumps * Hydraulic Systems (Devices) * Hydro-power Plant Economics * Control Systems * Fluidics * Objective Type Questions