• E_Book Design of Machine Elements (Machine Design)

E_Book Design of Machine Elements (Machine Design)

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Publication Year 1987
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-308-0
ASIN 81-7409-308-7
Language English
Edition 5th
Pages 1501
Preface Para1 Design of Machine Elements is a subject taught at the undergraduate level to various branches of Engineering in all Technical Universities and Institutions. The title of the book has been changed from Machine Design to Design of Machine Elements, which appears to be more appropriate and in accordance with the topics covered in the subject matter. The text book has been thoroughly revised keeping in view the syllabus of all Indian Technical Universities. Machine Design-I and Machine Design -II The book covers all the topics of both these courses.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Introduction *Engineering materials : Properties and selection *Design for manufacture *Design for Strength *Sealing devices *Pressure vessels and pipe joints *Riveted and welded fasteners *Shafts, keys, splines and pins * Cotter and Knuckle Joints *Threaded Fasteners and Power Screws *Couplings, clutches and brakes *Springs *Sliding bearings *Rolling contact bearings *Belts *Chains *Ropes *Spur gears *Helical Gears* Bevel Gears *Worm gears *Flywheel *Internal combustion engine components *Gear boxes and gear reducers *Levers * Appendix