• E_Book Safety in Chemical Plants/Industry and Its Management

E_Book Safety in Chemical Plants/Industry and Its Management

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Publication Year 2010
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-298-4
ASIN 81-7409-298-6
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 854
Preface It is hoped that this book will be helpful for the engineers practicing these area in the industry and will find its place in curriculum of universities and it will serve as a reference to the policy makers in field. While writing this book lots of literature were consulted and the practices being adopted by leading industries in the country, viz. Indian Oil, ONGC, Bureau of Indian Standard, Ministry of Environment and Forest and several other institutes who have published codes, standards, specifications on safety in chemical plants. The assistance taken from their literature, without which this book would not have been meaningful, is gratefully acknowledged. In present context it is not only sufficient to take care of safety but health(well-being of employees) and environment are also attached with equal importance and consideration. If health of employees is not given due regard, it may lead to accidents. If industry pollutes the environment around work place, it will ultimately effect health of employees which may ultimately effect production.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Safety, health and environment management systems * Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems as per OHSAS-18001 Standard and OSHA *Overview of industry safety management *Organization, administration and management responsibility in the field of safety * An Overview of Risk Analysis and Risk Management *Risks in chemical plants *Risks and hazards management in plants * Fuels Fire : Its Management; Hazardous Risks from some Processes and Industries and Their Control * Explosives and Pyrotechnics *Nuclear energy and safety management *Radiation hazards * Environment and Environmental Hazards *Industrial safety analysis * Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals *Protective measures and safety in chemical industries * Guiding Principles and Rules of Safety Management to Prevent Accidents and Disasters *Principles and procedures of safety in laboratories * Safe Handling and Storage of Chemical * Industrial wastes handling and managing practices * Industrial and Chemical Wastes, Characteristics and Methods of Treatment *Occupational health and industrial hygiene *Disaster management *First aid saves precious life *Hazardous waste management * Case Studies on Accidents and disasters in Chemical Industries