• 100 Field Solutions in Civil Engineering

100 Field Solutions in Civil Engineering

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What's special / Useful in this book Salient features: Complete coverage as per the latest codal Provisions. Elaborate discussions about the problem and its solution. Real field exposure with examples (images for reference and better understanding), worked out with tutorial approach intended at assisting the reader in the understanding of principles and basic concept.
ISBN-13 978-9392-549007
Edition 1
Pages 390
Preface Para1 ‘100 Field Solutions’ is a textbook for students and field engineers for experience to field practices, problems identification and remedial measures and for interview reference. This book covers the fundamental aspects of analysis and design with practical outlook, feasibility and economy for structural elements. This Reference book/Textbook would also serve as an introduction to field Engineers for training purpose, interview preparation for placement activity and to Postgraduate Students for future scope and research work. Practicing civil Engineers and Consultants who are facing such problems can relate and understand the practical solution and implement the same with the current specification using the text as reference.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents