• Plant Maintenance Engineering and Management

Plant Maintenance Engineering and Management

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Authored By RK Jain
ISBN-13 978-93-9254-909-0
Language English
Edition 2nd (2022)
Pages 348
Preface For an industry to remain Competitive, it has to lay great emphasis on maintenance aspects from the consideration. It is today a science and Engineers with good understanding of this Subject are needed by the Industry. An Attempt has been made to cover entire subject in a very simple way. This book highlights the need of timely maintenance various strategies of maitenance, duties and responsibilities of maintenance Engineers, and latest world wide practices in the field of maintenance. It lays emphasis on keeping vigil on plant and machinery during normal operations by inspecting and on line continuous monitoring of important parameters which have direct bearing on predicting health of plant and machinery. This book also covers as to how computers and Information Technology systems can assist maintenance engineers in carrying out their responsibilities in effective manner. Vibration and Vibration analysis, Failure Analysis and Reliability determination have also been covered in detail. It provides Information on maintenance of important Mechanical and Electrical equipments like motors, pumps, valves, rotating Machines, Diesel Engines and Circuit breaker, transformers, etc. Safety aspects have also been covered in Details. Book has been Written in a lucid manner so that beginner is able to understand the subject and implement the maintenance practice in Industry.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Maintenance Management *Maintenance Strategies *Failure Analysis *Reliability *Maintainability Criteria *Vibration Analysis for Predictive and Preventive Maintenance *Fault Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting *Efficient maintenance Management Using Online Monitoring & Analysis *Non Destructive Testing Tools for Maintenance *Maintenance of Valves *Maintenance of Pumps *Maintenance of Diesel Engines *Maintenance of Electrical Equipment *Maintenance of Electrical Motors *Maintenance of Circuit Breakers *Maintenance of Transformers *Battery Maintenance *General Maintenance and Safety Practices in Industries