• An Encyclopedia of Programming in C++

An Encyclopedia of Programming in C++

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About The Author's Prof. R. S. Salaria is an outstanding teacher, a prolific author, a great motivator, and a social reformer. He is alumni of IT, Delhi. He is a Certified Software Quality Professional (CSQP) by Govt. of India; SUN Certified Programmer & Trainer by SUN Microsystems, USA. He is life member of Computer Society of India (CSI, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE), Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), and Punjab Academy of Sciences (PAS). He has delivered enlightening sessions in numerous Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs)/Faculty Empowerment Workshops (FEWs) to empower the faculty to become passionate teachers. He has also delivered enlightening sessions for students pan India to empower them to become passionate learners, great professionals, and good human beings. He is also taking initiatives to empower people of various sections and age groups on various issues such as character building, women empowerment, female foeticide, honour killings, and various dimensions of corruption in public and private life.
Category BCA, BS (Computer Science), BSc (IT), PGDCA, MSc (Computer Science), MSc (IT), BE/ BTech, and MCA of various Indian Universities and Institutions
What's special / Useful in this book Compliant to National Education Policy, Outcome Based Education, Bloom's Taxonomy. Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus. Development of programs in an industry-oriented style. Numerous ready-to-run programs for reference. Numerous MCQs, review exercises, and programming exercises to test your knowledge of th subject and skills acquired. Lab manual to help students in implementing lab exercises. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to ace the technical round of the Placement Process.
ISBN-13 978-93-92549-31-1
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Edition 1st
Pages 506
Preface Para1 This book is designed to serve as textbook for the students of BCA, BS (Computer Science), BSc (IT), PGDCA, MSc (Computer Science), MSc (IT), BE/ BTech, and MCA of various Indian Universities and Institutions. While writing the book, special emphasis is given to keep the language very simple and lucid; level of presentation is kept simple and illustrative so that even an average reader can grasp the subject matter with quite ease. The areas of strength of this book are in terms of that: O It provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject in a very lucid manner. O It demonstrates the development of programs in a good programming style, as inline with the industry standards. O It provides large number of ready to run example programs, for reference. O It provides large number of multiple choice questions. O It provides challenging exercises to test your knowledge about the subject learned. O It also provides large number of challenging programming exercises to test your programming skills acquired.
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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Graduating from C to C++ Chapter 2: Standard Input/Output. Chapter 3: OOP Concepts Chapter 4: Classes and Objects..... Chapter 5: Pointers.. Chapter 6: Constructors and Destructors Chapter 7: Operator Overloading and Type Conversion. Chapter 8; Inheritance Chapter 9: Virtual Functions and Polymorphism Chapter 10: Exception Handling... Chapter 11: Lemplates and Generic Programming. Chapter 12. File Handling. Chapter 13: Standard Template Library