• A Deep Machine Learning

A Deep Machine Learning

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ISBN-13 9789392549489
Language English
Edition 1st (2024)
Pages 324
Preface This book, explains modern methods under Deep Machine Learning. Once an academic field now a disruptive technology, deep learning is still evolving. In this volume, the major focus is on the theory and algorithms under Deep Machine Learning, particularly important for understanding the basic concepts. Intended for engineering professionals, every learner will find this book as an essential reference to get an industry perspective. This book is also rich in discussing different applications in order to give the practitioner a flavor of how Deep Machine Learning methods works for different problems. In this volume, Er. V.K. Jain offers detailed introduction to the modern methods demystifying Deep Machine Learning providing an insight of the areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Speech Recognition, Reinforcement Learning and other fundamental concepts and techniques.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1.Machine Learning 2. Supervised Learning (Regression / Classification) 3.Generative Learning Process 4. Discriminative Machine Learning 5.Neutral Network 6.Unsupervised Learning 7.Dimensional Reduction 8.Reinforcement Learning