• E_Book A Text Book of Applied Mechanics Dynamics and Statics

E_Book A Text Book of Applied Mechanics Dynamics and Statics

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Publication Year 1989
ISBN-13 9788174090683
ASIN 8174090681
Language English
Edition 19th
Pages 1276
Preface This edition differs from the previous editions in several respects. While in the previous editions almost all the examples were in M.K.S. system, in this edition, most of the examples are in S.I. units. In the twelfth and thirteenth editions, chapter 26 dealt with S.I. units, their meaning and examples in S.I. units, the necessity for a separate chapter disappeared, and so the contents of chapter 26 have been completely changed. The S.I. system has been explained elaborately in chapter 1. However, all the matter in the text has not been converted into S.I. units. The reason is that there are some institutions which are still sticking to the M.K.S. system. Then there are some universities in which the examination papers contain problems in S.I. as well as M.K.S. systems. This edition contains many new problems on Statics and Dynamics. Some of these problems will be found very useful by the junior students of first semester of the various universities, while others will be of use in higher standards. I look forward in receiving your comments and suggestions to update the book.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Statics of a Particle *Moment of a Force and Parallel Forces *Couples *General Conditions of Equilibrium *Stresses in Trusses *Graphical Methods *Frames *Cables *Centroid, Centre of Gravity, Stability of Equilibrium, Moment of Inertia *Friction *Work, Virtual Work, Power *Transmission of Motion and Power; Belt and Rope Drives; Spur Gearing *Lifting Machines * Equations and Law of Motions *Variable acceleration *Change of Velocity, Relative Velocity * Instantaneous Centre * Impulse, Energy *Projectiles * Collision of Elastic Bodies *Motion in a Circle *Simple Harmonic Motion * D Alembert' s Principle * Hydrostatics * Objective and Other types of Examples *Appendix I -Additional Solved Examples