• E_Book Advanced Mechanics of Materials

E_Book Advanced Mechanics of Materials

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Publication Year 1976
ISBN-13 9788174092816
ASIN 8174092811
Language English
Edition 7th
Pages 332
Preface Para1 This edition of Advanced Mechanics of Materials adheres to the basic plan of earlier editions but with a considerable broadening of the chapter on Elastic Strain Energy and Energy Methods. As in the earlier editions, the subjects matter is divided into chapters covering duly recognized areas of study. Theory, derivation of formulas and profs of theorems are dealt in the beginning of each chapter followed by solution of problems and unsolved problems. It is hoped that this book will prove to be of immense help to the students. Valuable suggestions and pointed out printing errors for the improvement of the book.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Theories of Failure * Elastic Strain Energy and Energy Methods * Springs * Unsymmetrical Bending * Flexural Axis and Shear Center * Curved Beams * Thick Walled Cylinder * Theory of Elasticity Problems in Cartesian Co-ordinates * Problems in Polar Co-ordinates * Bending of Axi-symmetrical Plates * Torsion of noncircular Shafts.