• E_Book Thermal Engineering (Engineering Thermodynamics & Energy Conversion Techniques)

E_Book Thermal Engineering (Engineering Thermodynamics & Energy Conversion Techniques)

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Publication Year 1966
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-031-7
ASIN 81-7409-031-2
Language English
Edition 25th
Pages 1514
Preface Para1 The book gives comprehensive and rigorous treatment of classical thermodynamics while retaining an engineering perspective to use the thermodynamics in the practice of engineering. This is amply illustrated by solved and unsolved problems on nozzles, turbines, compressors, and steam power plants with the basic concepts of First Law and Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Third Law of Thermodynamics has also been introduced substantially in the chapter on Combustion in the Appendix.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Definition, concepts and Zeroth law of thermodynamics *First law of thermodynamics *Second law of thermodynamics and entropy *Availability, irreversibility and efficiency *Thermodynamic relations *Properties of steam or pure substance *Introduction to heat transfer *Reversed carnot cycle *Gas cycle refrigeration *Reciprocating air compressors * Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration System *Properties of Common Refrigerants *Steam generators *Boiler mountings and accessories *Draught * Fuels and Combustion *Performance of steam generator *Reciprocating steam engine * Compound Steam Engine *Condensers * Rankine Cycle-Rankine Engine *Introduction to steam nozzles *Steam turbines * Cycles for Modern Steam Plants *Air cycles *Variable Specific Heat and Dissociation in Gases-Fuel-Air Cycles *Internal combustion engine * Combustion in Internal Combustion Engine *Gas turbine * Absorption Refrigeration *Steam jet refrigeration *Psychrometry *Rotary compressor *Fans *Lubrication * Volumetric Efficiency Analysis of Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engines * Introduction to Super- Charging of Internal Combustion Engine * Appendix-I (Reacting Mixtures and Combustion *Appendix -II * Objective Type Question and Answers *Proposed Sample Questions for Text Examination * Steam, Gas & Refrigerant Tables and Charts * Index