• E_Book Electric Power Systems (Analysis, Stability & Protection)

E_Book Electric Power Systems (Analysis, Stability & Protection)

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Book Detail
Publication Year 1998
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-004-1
ASIN 81-7409-004-5
Language English
Edition 4th
Pages 959
Preface The entire work is devoted to Power Systems ramified into three parts, viz. Power System Analysis, Power System Stability and Protection of Power Systems. The last part has been extended to Protection against over-voltages. In the current edition, Corona has been included as an additional feature. A chapter is intended to spotlight the "Electrical Shock Hazards and Safety Measures", with a view to instill a sense of safety consciousness in everyday life is also added. A large number of useful examples have been fully worked out and each chapter ends up with relevant exercises comprising questions and problems for facilitating verification by the readers on independent working.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction to Electric Power Systems - Generalized Circuit Constants * Power Locus Diagrams * Representation of Power Systems and Solution of Networks * Load Flow Studies * Symmetrical 3-phase Faults on Synchronous Machines * Sequence Impedances and Networks * Asymmetrical Faults and Networks * Economic Operation of Power Systems * Stability of Electric Power Systems * Swing Equation and its Solution * Simulators and Calculating Boards * Transient Stability Equal Area Criterion * Excitation Systems * Steady State Stability * Power System Protective Relays * Power Circuit Breakers * Corona in Power Transmission Lines * Pressure Rise and Overvoltage Protection * Electric Shock Hazards and Safety Measures * Overhead Transmission Line Insulators * Under Ground Transmission Cables * Power Distribution Systems and Comparison of Supply Systems.