• E_Book Control System Analysis and Design

E_Book Control System Analysis and Design

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Publication Year 2004
ISBN-13 978-93-87394-32-2
ASIN 93-87394-32-8
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 754
Preface The present book is intended to provide a unified treatment of the classical as well as modern concepts of Control System Engineering. This book will serve as a textbook in the subject for the Undergraduate students of almost all Universities and Engineering Colleges. The subject matter can be fully covered in two Semester Courses which are now being offered at most at the leading Universities. However, the distribution of the contents of the various chapters is such that the book can be used for one Semester course also and relevant chapters can be chosen according to the syllabus of the particular University. The book will also be helpful to the practicing engineers who may like to up-date their knowledge in this most important area of the day. This book will also provide the essential background for most of the postgraduate course. The book contains about 250 solved examples and many more unsolved problems, to give the students a better confidence in the subject.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Laplace Transforms * Introduction to Control Systems * Transfer Function * Block Diagrams and Signal Flow Graphs * Error Deductors and Transducers * Servo Amplifiers * Servo Motors * Miscellaneous Components * Specifications of a System * System Stability * Nyquist Stability Method * Bode Plot Method * Root Locus Technique * Design Techniques * State Variable Characterization * Non-Linear Control Systems * Discrete Time Systems * Optimal Control Theory * Stochastic Control System * Self-Adaptive Control Systems