• Elements of Mechanical Engineering  (As Per Latest Syllabus of AKTU)

Elements of Mechanical Engineering (As Per Latest Syllabus of AKTU)

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Book Detail
Publication Year 2016
ISBN-13 978-81-933284-2-2
ASIN 81-933284-2-6
Language English
Edition 1st
Pages 240
Preface This book is a humble effort in the direction of presenting the concept of Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Materials, Thermodynamics and IC Engines and their application in clear and systematic manner at one place. Presentation is made in a very simple and easily understandable language. This text book contains twelve chapters as per new syllabus with steam table and mollier chart. In this book each chapter equipped with exercises. This book is written in SI system of units and each chapter has been provided with sufficient number of numerical problems.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Force System * Centroid and Center of Gravity * Area Moment of Inertia * Plain Truss * Beams * Simple Stress and Strain * Bending Stresses, Engineering Materials * Basics Concept and Laws of Thermodynamics * Second Law of Thermodynamics * Properties of Pure Substance * Internal Combustion Engines