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  • E_Book Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

E_Book Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

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Book Detail
Publication Year 2001
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-151-2
ASIN 81-7409-151-3
Language English
Edition 3rd
Pages 729

This text provides concepts and principles that will help the students to understand the general nature of computer science. The field of computer science includes a wide range of topics from machine design to programming. Theoretical computer science includes mathematics and algorithmic process. This book includes topics such as set theory, graph theory, logic, algebra which are basic and useful while learning the applied part. In the ensuing years, computer science students require advanced level Mathematics so I have developed enough of the theory of sets, graphs, groups and algebra.These topics will also serve as a basic tool while studying automata theory, artificial intelligence, formal languages, switching theory, computer representation of discrete structure and programming languages, We hope that this book will certainly help the students in various ways to understand the simple and intricate details of the topics covered.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents *Set theory *Relations and functions *Recursion and recurrence relations *Logic *Algebraic structures *Matrices, algorithms and integers *Boolean algebra *Graph theory *Formal languages and finite state automata *Pushdown automata and turing machine *Fuzzy sets and operations on fuzzy sets *Applications of discrete mathematics *Answers to the exercises *Model university solved questions *References *Index