• E_Book Linear Control Systems with MATLAB Applications

E_Book Linear Control Systems with MATLAB Applications

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Book Detail
Publication Year 1986
ISBN-13 978-81-7409-310-3
ASIN 81-7409-310-9
Language English
Edition 12th
Pages 772
Preface A comprehensive self contained text covering principles of Linear Control Systems. It provides basic approach for the development of fundamental concepts and insight in to the subject matter. The text dealt in the book develops the subject matter in a simplified sequential manner. Theoretical explanation is supported by graded solved examples, which have been framed to help the students in grasping the theoretical principles and its applicability with the coverage of various topics. In view of the computer software application as a supplementary tool for solving control related problems, solutions to typical examples using MATLAB have been introduced in a way so that the readers can well understand the MATLAB commands and can verify the results of the examples contained in the text. The book meets the requirements of undergraduate students of engineering in the area of control systems and also useful for Grad. I.E.T.E. (India) as well as for those who are preparing for professional competitive examinations.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents * Introduction * Transfer Function * Block Diagrams * Signal Flow Graphs * Modelling a Control Systems * Three Response Analysis of Control Systems * Stability Analysis of Control Systems * Compensation of Control Systems * Introduction to State Space Analysis of Control Systems * Sampled Data of Control Systems * Solution of Problems using Computer * Classified Solved Examples * Appendix -I (Answers to Selected Problems of Text) * Appendix -II (Objective Type of Question with Answers) *Appendix -III (Short Answer Questions) *Appendix IV (Key Formulae, Tables and Charts) *References *Index